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The Department of Defense and The Department of Homeland Security expect that any contractors who contract with the government have their data and network evaluated for security. They are looking to work with companies that have tested their network for weakness, have actively assessed the risk posed and taken corrective measures. Those companies that currently have contracts with them or whom wish to bid on contracts, will be expected to be able to verify that their data and network are reasonably secure.
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They have gone so far as to specifically outline their requirements for what is expected of contractors in testing their data and network. This will be part of the Department of Defense’s analysis in awarding contracts in the future. Please see this article outlining such expectations.
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The completion of the analysis of ones cyber and network systems is often not within the expertise of the company. Identifying, training and continuing education of those at the company to keep the data and network system in a secure fashion would be costly and time consuming. Failure to obtain such security testing, or get the testing early and identifying issues that may disqualify future contracts. 
URBN Technologies has certified staff ready to analyze and test your data and network system for security in conformance with the Department of Homeland Security and The Department of Defense requirements. 
Representatives from URBN Technologies are available to meet with you to discuss your needs as to the government directives for data and network security and answer any questions you may have. 
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